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Seasons Greetings to Our Muskie Bay Family!

“Celebrating 20 years here at Muskie Bay!” As we prepare for "2017", we are happy to see that a lot of our guests are returning.  Many families celebrate 5,10,30 and even over 50 years of coming to Muskie Bay.  We notice that the younger generation of the kids are now married, with children, and starting their own family traditions here at the Bay.  How awesome is that!  New BBQ's were purchased for all our cottages, and were a huge success with our cooks.  Bailey and Macey seem to have their favourite guests to visit at dinner.  We also put 12 new lounge chairs at the pool and with the great sunny weather, they were filled most days with sunbather.  And you can't help but notice our new above ground gas tank, which we had installed this June.  (This blew our budget, thanks to our government and their ever changing regulations).  We did manage 4 new 50 hp motors for our large bass boats, as we want to keep our fishermen happy!

Fishing was best form spring to mid-July it seems this year.  Then the fishermen had to work a little harder.  We had the Kawartha Muskie Assoc. here for a week-end this fall and even though it poured, the 40 plus guests had a great time, and hope to return next fall.   During the last couple of years we have had a few companies who bring their employees to Muskie Bay for fishing and fun, and have made it an annual"workers appreciation week-end".  so keep this in mind guys, if you are looking for a way to say " thanks".  For those of you who have booked for "2017" please remember that the deposits are due Jan.15.2017.  If you are not going to make it to the Bay this year, we would appreciate a courtesy call or email letting us know.  If you are in the planning stage of your holiday, please email or call us, and we will make every effort to help make your vacation happen.

The kids here at Muskie Bay continue to make our days....From falling into the "swamp" trying to catch frogs, showing their patience in our weekly fishing derby, or running around in the scavenger hunt, to creating the best sand-castles I have ever seen, your smiles and laughter are what make Muskie Bay the place it is.  The trampoline and tubing still bring out both our young and older guests.  Not sure who is have more fun, the tubers, or the families watching from shore!  It was really great to see our granddaughters Alex and Julianna getting into the spirit of Muskie Bay this year.  Muskie Bay Resort is on Facebook!  Thanks to all our supporter, I am learning how to utilize this.  So "like us" and put on some of your favourite pictures to share.

So to you our Muskie Bay Family, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New year!

John & Chris

Ecclesiastes 3: To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven