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Rice Lake

This is it  ..... the fine print!
  • EXTRA PERSONS - The number of persons allowed per cottage is either four (2 bedroom) or six (3 bedroom).  One EXTRA PERSON may be accommodated at an additional charge of $25 per day/$125 per week.  No exceptions -- extra persons includes babies and children.
  • VISITORS - Visitors for the day MUST REGISTER at the Office on arrival.  The charge for visitors is $10.00 per person/per day.  Overnight visitors only if cottage capacity permits, is $25.00 per person.  Visitors remaining in the Resort after 10pm are considered to be staying overnight.
  • PAYMENT - Payment of your cottage is due on arrival.  We welcome your inspection of our facilities and your cottage prior to payment.  Payment by Visa, MasterCard or Cash only.  Cheques will only be accepted by prior arrangement.  A $25.00 charge is applicable on any NSF cheque.
  • CHECK-IN TIME - At 1 pm on Saturdays for regular weekly rentals.  Please do not expect your cottage to be ready earlier.  Your cottage status will be provided on registration at the Office.  Unless prior arrangements have been made, we reserve the right to re-rent your cottage if your reservation is not claimed by 6pm.
  • CHECK-OUT TIME - For regular weekly rental is 9am sharp on Saturday.
  • MARINE POLICY - All regular weekly Boat & Motor rentals terminate on Friday night at 6pm.  Our Boat and Motors are rented for fishing and boating only and not for water tubing/skiing.  Minimum age for the operation of our Boat & Motors is 16 years old.  You are responsible for ANY damage to the Boat & Motor outside normal wear.

    • NO DOGS/PETS - allowed at ANY time.
    • NO PWC (Personal Water Craft) Jet Ski's, etc. allowed.
    • NO STORAGE of gasoline in or around cottages or on Muskie Bay Property.
    • NO bicycles, mini-bikes or skate-boards allowed at any time through the Resort/Camp area.
    • Patrons are responsible for the actions and the safety of their children and guests.
  • Alcoholic beverages are ONLY allowed on your cottage/trailer site, this is the law in Ontario (Liquor License Act of Ontario).
  • For the enjoyment of all concerned, ALL QUIET AFTER 11pm.
  • Please respect your neighbors' cottage/trailer site when moving about in the grounds.
  • Noisy parties and profane language will not be tolerated.
  • Resort/Camp SPEED limit is 7 m.p.h. or 10 km/ph.
  • Put only toilet tissue in the toilets, anything else harms the septic systems.  Do not pour your grease down the toilet/sink
  • Use the FISH house for cleaning fish, not your cottage/trailer site.
  • No Glassprducts sch as Bottles, Cups, Glasses to leave Cottage area.

Please understand that these policies are for your protection and enjoyment, breaking them can be cause for eviction.  The Management of Muskie Bay is not responsible for missing articles or accidents.